5 Secrets to improve Customer Service

Good customer service is the bread and butter of your business.
I’ve been at this business now for over 10 years. I rarely advertise, yet I enjoy about 80 percent of our town’s sign and display business. How do I do it?
I have several business success secrets that helped me get to where I am today, and all of them relate to good customer service.
​These can equally apply to service contractors doing business with other businesses, as in my case, or to retailers doing business with the general consumer.
The quality of customer service depends on the attitude of the managers of the company and all its staff; It must be at the heart of the concerns of the work teams. Develop good reflexes and appropriate language.
Customer service is increasingly taking over the price and product in the eyes of consumers. To excel, the employee must do everything possible to create a positive emotional connection between the client and the company. Here are some good practices to promote excellence in customer service.
We believe that a culture of service implies that all employees in a company have developed exceptional service patterns.

SECRET number 1 

Make the service the pivotal element in the work team.
The key to Grow your business and build it to Customer Loyalty, is to make service the pivotal element in the work team. It is not one of the check items on a list. All processes must revolve around the concept of service. It is one of the common steps on how to improve guest services in a hotel.

SECRET number  2

Know your product: To sell a product or service well, you have to know it by heart, in all its aspects. Be comfortable with common questions and use clear language to answer them.
To be sincerely welcoming: obviously, the smile is imperative. The client must feel this smile even if it is not facing you, in your voice or the tone of your writing. Here’s how you can learn more on Grow your Business to its fullest.

SECRET number 3

Train and equip staff: All employees, not just customer service representatives, need to understand how to approach, interact with clients and solve their problems. Work continuously on improving the customer experience.

SECRET number  4

Listen: although obvious, this instruction is often abused. Listening means decoding what the client conveys with words, but also what he evokes nonverbally. Monitor signals that show dissatisfaction and go ahead. Work continuously on improving the customer experience.

SECRET number 5

Activate: Failure to respond to a client's request generates frustration. It is important to respond quickly to all requests, even to say "I have taken note of your request, I keep you informed of the solution quickly". The client must feel that they are being looked after.
Quality professional customer service also requires the adoption of consistent language.
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