Secrets on improving Customer experience

1. Omnipresence of technology in rooms

It is simply impossible to ignore the technologies in the room layout. High-speed wireless Internet and flat-screen HDTVs are now available in 98% and 88% of hotel rooms in the United States, respectively.

2. More restaurant options

From time-sensitive clients to business travelers, hotel guests want to find restaurants on-site. Nearly two-thirds of hotels (62%) offer free breakfast; It is a must in medium-range hotels (96%), but also popular in medium-high-end (80%) and economic (81%) hotels. Luxury hotels and resort resorts must offer a variety of dining options throughout the day and offer on average three food outlets per property.
  ​ understanding the complaints and showing sympathy to the customer.​​

3. Definition of luxury and high-end segments according to services

It is the high level of quality of services offered that makes it so special to stay in a high-end property or luxury. Whether you think of valet parking, dry cleaning or rooms, they are a must in these hotel segments, while they are down in other types of accommodation. This is essential to your customer service team performance, so that your team can utilize the tool to collaborate with other departments to effectively solve any problems.

4. Priority to safety

The world has gone mad ... The percentage of institutions with security cameras in the lobby has reached an all-time high of 86%, almost twice the number in 2012 (58%). Go above and beyond to serve your clients.

5. Convenience and comfort above all

The use of mobile applications in hotels continues to climb, reaching 35% in the industry as a whole. Nearly two hotels out of three (65%), mainly high-end and luxury establishments, use mobile devices for customer registration. After all, the goal is to improve customer service and to bring resolution to everyone’s satisfaction; it requires patience, understanding the complaints and showing sympathy to the customer.
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