5 Secret tips on How to Grow your Business!

Attract more Clients , fill more rooms and book more seats.
How to offer an unbelievable experience and journey on the web? This 5 secrets will help you build your brand, improve your website and bring in more visitors.

SEO 2.0 - Creating Valuable Content Online

Will your content  make their lives better or help them in some way?
“If search engines didn’t exist would you still write what you were about to write?”
Before you worry about SEO, you have to understand that The more you create appropriate content, the more you open doors to your potential customers to your website. Indeed, the B2B companies that feed a blog generate on average 67% more potential customers than those who do not blogg. However, keep in mind that it is not quantity that counts, but quality! So, focus on quality content that meets the needs of your target audience.

To attract potential customers to your company's website, you need to create quality content that meets the needs of your target customers. Developing a buyer persona is the key to determining the interests, questions and objections of your target customer.  There’s no power like knowing what your customer really needs

By developing downloadable content that meets the specific needs of your persona, you will be able to generate and qualify your potential customers through landing pages and forms. In exchange for your content offering, these potential customers will be ready to provide information, which will allow you to qualify them in your sales funnel and in your lead scoring.


I already have a website, why have a company blog?
Initially blogs were personal journals where often futile articles were published. If this remains your vision of blogs, it will have to be updated because things have changed...!
The blog is today, a "technology" marketing widely used by companies, which find there many benefits.
Unlike a website, which corresponds to the showcase of a company, a professional blog is a more informal space of expression with the vocation of making indirect communication about a company or its products / services. It is composed of regularly updated articles dealing with a particular field. The goal is to position your company as an expert / reference in a specific field, but also to bring visibility to your company. The blog is not intended to substitute for your website, both are important and have different and complementary vocations.  E xplore all that you have to offer them, beyond your valuable content.

Selling an Experience

Service in hospitality industry and travel industry is all about the experience. As with all businesses, customers are the key to the success of a hotel. Without customers, there is no turnover. It is therefore important to continually attract new customers but also to retain existing customers in order to ensure a certain turnover at your establishment. For this, it is possible to make promotions or special offers. But in order for there to be a real impact on the functioning of your hotel, it is important to think about your strategy in terms of customer relations. This is one of the engines that will allow you to generate a good turnover. Therefore improving the customer experience is an important thing. The experience is what gets people talking.

Email Marketing 

In terms of return on investment for businesses, email marketing campaigns are the most effective strategy for the travel and accommodation industry to communicate with its audience. According to a study conducted in 2015, the travel and accommodation industry has a 56.7% newsletter open rate, the highest among the 17 industries surveyed and second in the 15.2%.
So, are e-mail campaigns already part of your overall strategy? The life cycle of an email campaign has two crucial steps in preparing for ROI.

Get Social: Grow Your Audience

Social networks are particularly effective tools for raising awareness. But be careful! It is also a double-edged blade. You need to find a way to gather information about your members by yourself, otherwise you will not be able to contact them outside the network. The functioning of social networks is simple: you enter, you stay, you do not go, because you can not. Any community information that you have had a lot of trouble building does not belong to you. Fortunately there are very simple ways to get around this problem, at least partially: Whatever the type of content you publish, systematically add a "call to action" redirecting to your site, or to a space where you can gather information Of your members. For example, if you're publishing a video, add a sign-up form to your newsletter at the end of the video. If you publish articles, add a "read more" link to your blog, where your visitors can subscribe to your newsletter.
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