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Accommodation adjusts to the new travel preferences that are attributed to Generation Y members (born between 1980 and 2000), but which involve a much wider market.
The Commune Hotels & Resorts group, which offers lifestyle hotels, with the Joie de Vivre and Thompson brands, is already well positioned with Generation Y. Design inspired and connected to local culture and casual and personalized service are features Of these institutions. In 2015, the group will add the Tommie brand, especially designed to welcome the Y clientele as well as those with the same expectations as these young adults - and they would be numerous.
In this regard hotels will be of interest to open minded and curious travelers who enjoy working at pleasure and who are inclusive towards others. According to her, they will offer comfort and luxury at affordable prices. By luxury, we mean intelligent design (ergonomic and aesthetic microchambers); local products; User-friendly technology; Privileged location in trendy and emerging urban neighborhoods; And varied programming in the common spaces, which are also arranged to promote socialization. 


First and foremost museums of contemporary art, the 21c Museum hotels offer a different accommodation and perfectly in line with the expectations of Generation Y. Exhibitions, but also artistic and cultural events, Unfold in common spaces. These places are open to all, 24 hours a day. Authentic hospitality and smiling and helpful employees contribute greatly to the quality of the hotel experience offered by these unique establishments. As noted by President Craig Greenberg, the work teams need to make sure the experience is interesting, but also comfortable and effective. Even something as simple as offering a glass of water on a hot day can pay big dividends. Even something as simple as offering a glass of water on a hot day can pay big dividends .


For Commune Hotels & Resorts, the principle of service is to serve the customer in the way he wishes. Thus, the technology is easy to access, user-friendly and relevant, but customers are not forced to use them. Staff are always on hand to serve customers.
The Marriott group uses technology to create experiential marketing actions and promote a viral effect on social media. Their campaign solicits the user's senses to dive into a destination for a short period of time. The hotel group has "teleportation" cabins and thus offers an overview of the destinations in which the channel is present. The video below gives an idea of ​​the virtual journey. Michael of Marriott Hotels explains their determination to demonstrate that the Marriott brand is always innovative and avant-garde. The Travel Brilliantly component of their website outlines these innovations and is designed to promote the sharing of ideas by consumers to enhance the customer experience and Take the time to truly notice them.


To enrich the experience of business travelers, Marriott has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create a prototype social network for customers in the hotel lobby. Thus, the Marriott Six Degrees user can be put in touch with clients with common interests or backgrounds. This facilitates socialization between single travelers, which is often the case for business tourists. The video below illustrates the concept.
Visitors are looking for simplicity in technology. They bring their own video content and wish to view it on the camera and wherever they choose. The Commune Hotels & Resorts group facilitates the realization of this desire by multiplying the electrical outlets in common spaces, but also by increasing the bandwidth. Customers can also borrow HDMI cables to connect their device to the TV in their room.
A reliable and fast wireless Internet connection is almost as important as a good water pressure in the shower. Hoteliers are unanimous: the proportion of bookings on mobile devices is growing at a rapid rate.
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